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If you’re looking to upgrade your skills and knowledge, extend your current Scope of Practice, make more money from your existing clients AND open up new client opportunities, then our 10763NAT – Certificate IV In Nutrition is what you’ve been looking for.

The 10763NAT – Certificate IV in Nutrition is the ONLY Nationally Recognised Nutrition Course below University level in Australia – meaning that it is REAL and you can legally USE your qualification after you graduate! This is a cutting-edge qualification that equips Personal Trainers (and others in the health and wellness industry) with the practical skills & knowledge to give out legal nutrition plans and advice that actually delivers results for their clients.

What exactly does the course cover?

The 10763NAT – Certificate IV in Nutrition includes both elective streams. Students will graduate with the knowledge and ability to specialise as a Sports Nutrition Advisor, Health and Wellness Coach or both.


  • Effective consultations are make-or-break, so this elective stream uses counselling techniques and approaches to equip students with very practical skills for every-day, real-life practise.
  • Learn valuable communication skills, how to analyse client information effectively and successfully build rapport to ensure your counselling relationship is positive and productive.
  • Nutritional concerns inevitably affect all aspects of a client’s life, so promoting and navigating social, emotional, spiritual, physical and cognitive wellbeing is incredibly important for the success of your clients!
  • Lastly, decision-making will ultimately influence the success of client, and this elective stream explores how to best support your clients in their decision-making processes.
Unit 2: CHCMHS011 – Assess And Promote Social, Emotional And Physical Wellbeing
  • Understanding the difference between ‘mental health’ and ‘mental illness’
  • Gain a thorough understanding of the different domains of health which contribute towards overall wellbeing, including:
    • Social
    • Emotional
    • Physical
    • Cognitive
    • Spiritual and cultural health
  • Understanding how to effectively analyse, enhance and support a client’s social circles and wellbeing, encouraging aspects such as kindness, inclusion and meaningful connection
  • Understanding how to identify a client’s emotional strengths and triggers, and implement counselling strategies to encourage emotional resilience
  • Recognising other aspects that affect physical health outside of nutrition (such as oral and sexual health, comprehensive health checks and food security/insecurity)
  • Understanding practices that constitute ‘culture and spiritual health’, and encourage participation by clients
  • Understanding and implementing strategies to enhance a client’s mental strength and resilience
  • Implementing additional counselling techniques (such as a client-centred approach) to support clients in achieving their goals.

Elective Steam Option Two –Health and Wellness Coach

Unit 1: CHCCSL001 – Establish And Confirm The Counselling Relationship
  • Understanding the basics of counselling and the role of a Nutrition Counsellor
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of how to conduct effective consultations and build a successful counselling relationship
  • Understanding the importance of the following considerations (prior to beginning the counselling relationship):
    • Client expectations
    • Respect for the client’s boundaries and choices
    • Understanding client anxieties and concerns surrounding the counselling relationship and how to manage these (such as stigma, guilt and shame, hopelessness )
    • Building and maintaining rapport
  • Understanding how to modify the counselling process based on individual client’s needs (such as personality, learning style, identity and goals)
  • Understanding and implementing a step-by-step, structured approach to conducting consultations – from the very beginning right to the very end
  • Understanding which circumstances or situations warrant a referral to another Allied Health Professional.
Unit 3: CHCCSL007 – Support Counselling Clients In Decision-making Processes
  • Understanding the importance of decision-making in the counselling relationship
  • Understanding how to support a client through the decision-making process in order to identify a course of action that is most suitable to them and their nutritional concern
  • Understanding how to effectively define the goals of clients and identify potential courses of action
  • Recognising obstacles that can influence decision-making, such as cognitive biases, past experience and need for commitment
  • Assisting clients in analysing the advantages, disadvantages and consequences of potential courses of action, utilising various decision-making models
  • Implementing various counselling techniques to encouraging clients to decide on a course of action
  • Developing support and action plans to ensure clients are cared for and supported appropriately throughout the decision-making process and chosen course of action.

Once graduates have completed the 10763NAT – Certificate IV in Nutrition, they qualify to register to become a member of Nutrition Council Australia.

Once graduates have completed the 10763NAT – Certificate IV in Nutrition, they qualify to receive Allied Health Professional Indemnity / Public Liability insurance and can become a member of Nutrition Council Australia.

This membership allows graduates to legally practise as an Accredited Practising Nutritional Advisor. Accredited Practising Nutritional Advisors work with clients to identify their specific needs and goals, as well as provide them with detailed nutritional advice and individually tailored meal plans to assist the client in achieving those needs and goals.


We have convenient payment options when enrolling with Vast Fitness Academy (VFA).
Our course pricing is as below:


Reduced from $4999 down to $3999 total course cost (Saving $1000)
(this is via bank transfer or credit card through PayPal, however additional fees apply for credit card)


$4499 total course cost

$249 Deposit + Weekly payments terms from $75 per week


You will be given 12 months from the date of enrolment to complete your course.

However, this course is self-paced so can be completed in a shorter period if desired.


This course is delivered 100% online and is self-paced.


Work placement is NOT a requirement of this qualification.


Students are required to be over the age of 18 in order to enrol in the 10763NAT – Certificate IV in Nutrition.

WHAT WILL I BE CALLED? Nutritional Advisor Vs Nutritionist

In accordance with the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO), 2013, Version 1.3, graduates of 10763NAT – Certificate IV in Nutrition are classified within the Unit Group 2511 (Nutrition Professional), under the Occupation Level of a ‘Nutritionist’ (ANZSCO 251112). *The above ANZSCO Identifier Code can be verified by CLICKING HERE

For membership categories Nutrition Council Australia has chosen the title Accredited Practising Nutritional Advisor (APNA) for graduates of the 10763NAT – Certificate IV in Nutrition, despite their Scope of Practice being the same as a Nutritionist.

As such, the terms ‘Nutritional Advisor’ and ‘Nutritionist’ can be used interchangeably, as they hold the same ANZSCO Occupation Level.

The 10763NAT – Certificate IV in Nutrition is for motivated people who want to

Transition their passion for Nutrition into a meaningful career.

Work in the health and wellness industry and work with people.

Improve the health of wellness of Australians

Improve the health of themselves and their family

Completing the 10763NAT – Certificate IV in Nutrition will equip students with detailed knowledge of nutrition, and the practical skills to work with clients to develop nutritional plans and provide relevant advice on their dietary requirements. Nutritional Advisors can specialise in one or both of the below elective streams.

Allowing you to work alongside athletes, sporting teams and anyone who is seeking performance-based nutritional advice.

allowing you to work alongside those in the general public that are looking for social, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Students must be over 18 years of age to enrol in the 10763 NAT Certificate IV in Nutrition.

A super simple list!

Computer/Laptop and basic computer skills

Internet access and basic internet researching skills.

Meet our enrolment acceptance criteria – including demonstrating satisfactory levels of language, literacy and numeracy.

Willingness to commit to long term online study.

10763NAT Certificate IV in Nutrition

Up to 12 months flexible time to study whenever you like.

Exclusive content, research and information from Vast Fitness Academy.

24 hour access to course content.

Online support from our education team and trainers.

NUTCOM001 Promote the concepts of health and wellbeing in relation to nutrition
HLTAAP002* Confirm physical health status
HLTAAP001* Recognise healthy body systems
NUTCOM002 Advise clients on the use of nutritional supplements and ergogenic aids
NUTAPP001 Apply the fundamentals of nutrition to meet a client’s dietary needs
NUTPSY001 Analyse and apply principles of psychology and behaviour management
NUTDES001 Design a nutritional plan for an individual
NUTEST001 Assist in establishing positive digestive health
*These two units are combined to accelerate your studies

SISSSCO307 Provide nutritional information to athletes
SISSCOP309A Design an athlete’s diet
SISSSCO308 Support athletes to adopt principles of sports psychology

CHCMHS011 Assess and promote social, emotional and physical wellbeing
CHCCSL007 Support counselling clients in decision making processes
CHCCSL001 Establish and confirm the counselling relationship