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Our Mission.

It's simple, we want to improve the health of Australians through education.​

Helping people reach their goals with the very best fitness and nutrition qualifications allows us to reach more people, making a significant impact on the health of Australians nationwide.

Why choose Vast?

At Vast, we pride ourselves on providing an unrivalled level of support to every student. This is made possible by having a team of the industry’s best, who are passionate about educating the next generation of health and fitness professionals.

This ensures the needs of our students are always at the forefront of what we do, motivating us to provide the most up-to-date content delivered through easy-to-use platforms.

Student Testimonials.

The student experience drives every decision we make at Vast Fitness Academy. 

With hundreds of 5-star reviews from past and present students, we know we are on track.

“I was working full time for the duration of my study so online study was perfect. I did not have to travel to the city to attend classes and I could fit study in around my life.”
“I was impressed with the course content, the online portal and was blown away by the level of support I received from my assessors through my studies.”
"The help from the assessors was amazing and quick , the course was interesting and had all the right content to set me up for a successful career as a Nutritionist."

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