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  • Awesome experience with Vast Fitness Academy. The structure of the fitness courses are super easy to follow and complete in the learning portal and the support from the assessors is second to none. Highly recommended!

    Scott Williams Avatar
    Scott Williams

    Studying with VAST online was a really positive experience, the quality of the content was second to none and the support you receive through out even though it is an online course was really good. Would definitely recommend VAST.

    Tahita Wooding Avatar
    Tahita Wooding

    My experience has been overall good. I did cert3 and Cert4 in fitness. It was the lowest cost course out there but good quality. you need to be driven because it's self-paced and time pass quickly. Make sure you get a good mentor and make sure you have access to a GYM to do your practical - that was the challenging bit.

    Adam Avatar
  • Great resources and lots of help from the markers if you have ever stuck on anything. I thought online I would struggle but they make it simple to understand and break the units up into manageable segments. Thanks!

    ashlee baker Avatar
    ashlee baker

    EDIT:On further discussions with VAST, Autum is a great communicator and has now answered all my questions and more. They have over delivered on all my questions, I would recommend this business to people who are looking to up skill 10/10

    Scott Gosling Avatar
    Scott Gosling

    Studying with VAST was great. The online delivery was excellent and course material was informative.

    Laurence Walker Avatar
    Laurence Walker
  • Really enjoying doing the course - Vast Academy, very supportive with studies and best value for money by far!

    Liam Minett Avatar
    Liam Minett

    positive review highly recommend using Vast to gain qualifications in the fitness industry
    instructors.are great and helpful ,the online portal is easy to navigate and understand
    I just completed cert 3 in fitness and looking forward to completing my cert 4

    David Goodhand Avatar
    David Goodhand

    i highly recommend completing your studies with Vast. There training resources are of high quality and the Assessor Feedback is detailed and encouraging. I would absolutely have no hesitation choosing them for my next qualification.

    Karina Burt Avatar
    Karina Burt
  • positive review I have completed my nutrition and most recently my cert 3 in fitness through vast, I have enjoyed the process, always had support And love the thorough and informative curriculum they have for their courses. Highly recommend them for all your health and wellness online training ! 🙂

    Emma-Louise Roth Avatar
    Emma-Louise Roth

    positive review I recently finished my Cert 3 in Fitness (and about to start Cert 4 Fitness) through VAST Fitness Academy. The process is super easy and the assessors get back to really quickly so you're not waiting around for days for a reply, which can be super frustrating with online courses.
    Feedback from the assessors is constructive and clear. I highly recommend VAST and am glad I chose to study through them!

    Jesekah Bolbot Avatar
    Jesekah Bolbot

    positive review I recommend Vast Fitness Academy to anyone wishing to study online. This was my first time studying out of high school and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and team.
    So thankful for them and there amazing courses 😊

    Lily Mackie Avatar
    Lily Mackie
  • positive review I just completed fast track units for Cert 3 now on to Cert 4. Great course and materials and assessors a great help. In addition get access to Physitrack for exercise programs on line and student membership and insurance with Fitness Australia. Great crew!

    Ron Ladlay Avatar
    Ron Ladlay

    positive review I had a great course with vast fitness.
    I learned a lot, and Brenda was always here to help me.
    Finaly done with my certificate 3&4 done in 6 months. 🤗 so happy 😁 thanks again Vast fitness 🙋‍♀️

    Marine Pizarro Orsini Avatar
    Marine Pizarro Orsini

    The team at VAST came me the confidence I needed to finalise my Nutrition qualifications whilst on maternity leave.The entire process from enrolment through to assessment and completion was seamless.My assessor Jess was a great support throughout the entire process and was a pleasure to work with.I commend all involved for the energy and effort in designing and delivering a well researched and presented course.

    Em Zilic Avatar
    Em Zilic
  • positive review Vast have been amazing to study through! they are flexible, easy to get in touch with and generally so helpful throughout the course.
    I definitely recommend them if you're interested in becoming a fitness trainer.
    Im more of a hands on learner also, so the formatting of the modules were set out in a way that helped me to learn alot easier.
    Five stars ⭐

    Kasey Fiona King Avatar
    Kasey Fiona King

    positive review Vast fitness is a great course!
    The information and study material is easy to understand and if something is difficult or you seem stuck. They get back to you as fast as they can, usually the day of or early the next day, and they're very helpful and guide you in the right direction to complete the task at hand.

    Michael Plackett Avatar
    Michael Plackett

    Although seriously challenging at times, I found studying my Cert IV in Nutrition through Vast Academy to be a really positive experience with plenty of support from my own personal assessor. Can definitely recommend!

    Samantha Rigby Avatar
    Samantha Rigby
  • Great approach to learning with a wide range of online content to support you through the study process. The staff were very helpful and friendly and response time between messages and marking of units was very quick. I highly recommend Vast for anyone that likes the comfort of their own home and limited time for full-time study.

    ZZFITNEZZ Zoe Zeuschner Avatar
    ZZFITNEZZ Zoe Zeuschner

    positive review Could not recommend Vast highly enough!
    The cert IV in Fitness has been extremely easy to follow and I have been provided with all the resources I need to complete the tasks. I feel confident in my studies and my assessor, Brenda, is always so quick in her responses and is always only a message away. Thanks guys!! 😊

    Taylah Bennett Avatar
    Taylah Bennett

    Just completed my Cert IV with VAST fitness. Would absolutely rate them for anyone looking for online study in fitness that has sponsorship/access to local gym support. Sheradyn my assessor was fantastic, responded quickly with helpful and insightful feedback. Course content was also easy to follow and use online, would highly recommend!

    Belinda Pratt Avatar
    Belinda Pratt
  • Vast Fitness Academy truly helped me from the very beginning to the very end with ongoing support ! I recommend VFA to anybody that is willing to get Certified !

    David Doan Avatar
    David Doan

    Very easy to deal with, always there to help and advise, very happy with my service 🙂

    Emma Roth Avatar
    Emma Roth

    It was a great course, assessor was always very helpful and fast at replying to questions.Content was easy to follow and understand and gained lots of knowledge from the course.

    Chloe Salvador Avatar
    Chloe Salvador
  • positive review I have taken my certificate III In fitness with Vast. The team was very supportive and helpful. My assessor was available online and supported me throughout the course.

    As someone who has moved to Australia recently this was a great experience.

    Ash Baghenei Avatar
    Ash Baghenei

    positive review The whole vast team is amazing. They’ve been such great support and Jess is there to help every step of the way. I have found I’ve been applying so much of what I have learnt just in my day to day life at home with my kids. I’m now much more aware of what foods I put in their mouth and what affect it’s having on their mood and their overall health.

    Jamie-lee Cockings Avatar
    Jamie-lee Cockings

    positive review I am midway through the Certificate 4 in Nutrition and wow. The information is providing so many “well, there you go” moments it makes we want to learn more and apply it to myself! Brilliant course which I can’t rate highly enough.

    Paul Fox Avatar
    Paul Fox
  • positive review The Nutritionist course by Vast is amazing. The support I receive from my assessor Lyndsie is far beyond what I expected and the learning portal is so easy to use. I would recommend the Certificate IV in Nutrition to anyone wanting to further their education on Nutrition.

    Kaysi Nix Avatar
    Kaysi Nix

    positive review Vast fitness academy helped me become a confident nutritionist and fitness instructor. The course was easy to follow and the prac is components helped me learn great skills! I highly recommend them and all for a reasonable price 😊

    Amal Dib Avatar
    Amal Dib

    positive review I have recently graduated from my Cert IV in Fitness with Vast Fitness Academy and also did my Cert III in Fitness with them as well. I would definitely recommend going through Vast as the staff are great to deal with and assessor's are very informative and helpful whenever you need them. The student portal is very friendly using which makes it easy to access and to navigate through.

    Zoe Reuss Avatar
    Zoe Reuss

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