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  • positive review highly recommend using Vast to gain qualifications in the fitness industry
    instructors.are great and helpful ,the online portal is easy to navigate and understand
    I just completed cert 3 in fitness and looking forward to completing my cert 4

    David Goodhand Avatar
    David Goodhand
  • positive review I have completed my nutrition and most recently my cert 3 in fitness through vast, I have enjoyed the process, always had support And love the thorough and informative curriculum they have for their courses. Highly recommend them for all your health and wellness online training ! 🙂

    Emma-Louise Roth Avatar
    Emma-Louise Roth
  • positive review I recently finished my Cert 3 in Fitness (and about to start Cert 4 Fitness) through VAST Fitness Academy. The process is super easy and the assessors get back to really quickly so you're not waiting around for days for a reply, which can be super frustrating with online courses.
    Feedback from the assessors is constructive and clear. I highly recommend VAST and am glad I chose to study through them!

    Jesekah Bolbot Avatar
    Jesekah Bolbot
  • positive review I recommend Vast Fitness Academy to anyone wishing to study online. This was my first time studying out of high school and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and team.
    So thankful for them and there amazing courses 😊

    Lily Mackie Avatar
    Lily Mackie
  • positive review I just completed fast track units for Cert 3 now on to Cert 4. Great course and materials and assessors a great help. In addition get access to Physitrack for exercise programs on line and student membership and insurance with Fitness Australia. Great crew!

    Ron Ladlay Avatar
    Ron Ladlay
  • positive review I had a great course with vast fitness.
    I learned a lot, and Brenda was always here to help me.
    Finaly done with my certificate 3&4 done in 6 months. 🤗 so happy 😁 thanks again Vast fitness 🙋‍♀️

    Marine Pizarro Orsini Avatar
    Marine Pizarro Orsini