6 steps to start your PT business

To help make your introduction to the industry successful, we’ve outlined six important steps to start your P.T business. From choosing your target market to marketing your services, these steps will set you up for success in the fitness industry. Follow these tips and get ready to launch your P.T. business!
Start your PT business

Starting your own personal training business can be an exciting and rewarding journey but also overwhelming. To make it easier, we’ve outlined six essential steps to start your P.T. business.

Step 1: Define Your Target Market

Selecting your target market is crucial in establishing a successful personal training business. Focusing on a specific target market allows you to become an expert in that area and provide personalised service to your clients. Determine the type of clients you enjoy working with and the style of training you deliver to tailor your advertising efforts toward them.

Step 2: Register Your Business and Obtain an ABN

When you graduate, and it is time to start your P.T. business, some people get intimidated by the business set-up side of things. Working as a Personal Trainer, you must register your business name and ABN. This is important for trading and tax purposes.

*For more information on obtaining an ABN, CLICK HERE

*Learn how to register a business name CLICK HERE


Step 3: Obtain Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance

After the fun of selecting and registering your business name, it is time to start your P.T. business insurance requirements. Having insurance is crucial whether you work independently or for a fitness facility. Research to find a provider that meets your needs and meets the requirements set by your facility. Consider additional coverage for equipment and car use. We recommend AON Insurance brokers for personal trainers.

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Step 4: Keep Your Documentation Updated

To maintain insurance coverage, keep your First Aid and CPR certificates current. Obtain documentation such as a Blue Card for working with children or a permit to train outdoors.


Step 5: Equip Your Fitness Business

If you plan to train clients outdoors, invest in cost-effective equipment that can be used for various exercises and session styles. If working from a gym, have your health screening documents and program plans readily available. Establish policies and procedures, and create a business plan to ensure that you have covered all the bases.


Step 6: Market Your Fitness Business

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram provide an excellent way to build a profile without investing in advertising. Create quality content that resonates with your target market to stand out.

Success in the personal training industry comes to those who are passionate, dedicated, and continuously learning. Start with sound systems and a clear focus on your goals to set yourself up for success.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for additional support to start your P.T. business, the Industry Ready Personal Trainer is the program for you. Our program covers everything from picking your target market to marketing your business, and we’ll provide you with all the resources and guidance you need to succeed. With our comprehensive training and support, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge you need to start your career with confidence.

Don’t wait to start your career – enrol in Industry Ready Personal Trainer today and take the first step towards launching your own thriving P.T. business!

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