How to become a Sports Nutrition Coach

Are you passionate about sports, health, and nutrition? Do you dream of helping athletes achieve their peak performance through optimal nutrition plans? If so, a career as a sports nutritionist might be the perfect fit for you! This comprehensive guide'll explore the exciting world of sports nutrition, delving into the skills, qualifications, and steps required to become a successful sports nutritionist.
Sports Nutrition

Can you hear the sound of opportunity?

If you’ve been thinking about entering the Health and Fitness industry, now is your time! And we have the perfect option for you: completing the 11046NAT – Certificate IV in Nutrition to become a Nationally Recognised Nutritionist through Nutrition Council Australia.

In this article, we will outline the top three reasons you should become an sports nutritionist with Vast.



1. Sports Nutrition Accreditation

Regardless of what you’ve studied in the past, what industry you’ve worked in previously, or which walk of life you’ve found yourself in, this online Sports Nutritionist course has been designed to help you succeed and reach your dreams of becoming an elite sports coach.

The 11046NAT – Certificate IV in Nutrition is Australia’s first Nationally Recognised Certificate IV in Nutrition online nutrition course and was written by a team of university-qualified Nutritionists and Dietitians. So when asking yourself if this is the right course to get you on your way, the answer is a definite yes!

But we get it – not everyone is a science buff or understands scientific terminology as though they’ve been to university, so don’t worry! The structure of the course starts you at the very beginning and builds your knowledge up from there. Never dabbled in chemistry before? We’ve got you covered! We take each concept step by step, unit by unit, starting with the foundational levels to be completely confident in what you’re learning.

Then once you’ve got all the foundational knowledge under your belt, you can then specialise in Sports Nutrition, which is when the magic happens!

We really mean it when we say that anyone from all walks of life can study and succeed with this online nutrition course. But don’t just take it from us – check out some of our latest graduate reviews on Google or Facebook.


2. Sports Nutrition Specialisation

The Sports Nutrition Advisor elective stream is a bundle of three units of competency focussed on applying individualised nutrition advice to the athletic population. Completing this elective stream is what adds the elite status to ‘elite sports coach.’ Here, you will learn to adapt and modify nutritional strategies to your athlete clients’ goals and specific sports to achieve optimal performance.

Taking it one step further, one of those three units is based on sports psychology, which is essential underpinning knowledge to have when assisting athlete clients. Understanding drive and motivation and obtaining the skills to implement strategies such as visualisation and guided imagery mean that you can support your clients from a holistic approach. Doing so will allow your clients to implement your nutritional strategies with more understanding and provide a stable platform for them to launch into a successful sporting career.

Specialisation is key to setting yourself apart and attracting your ideal clients. Setting yourself apart in the ever-growing fitness industry also means upskilling to hold dual qualifications. Becoming an elite sports coach will mean supporting your clients athletically and nutritionally.


3. Increased earning potential by being a specialist

The real reason you’ve landed on this post – earning potential. Don’t worry, we get it: time is money, and you need to make sure you’ll get enough of a return on your investment. Referring back to the Australian Industry and Skills Committee, the projection of growth within the fitness industry is likely to double from 2020 to 2024 from 61,200 employed in the sector to 133,900 employed.

What does this mean? Firstly, now is the time to take action, but secondly, the more demand there is for qualified Sports Nutrition Coaches, the more you can charge for your services! A recent review from the Australian Government Job Outlook highlighted the below forecast for the Nutrition industry.

Enrol on the 11046NAT – Certificate IV in Nutrition (Sports Nutrition Coach) and take the step to begin your journey of upskilling or changing careers.

Secure your spot so that you can be one of the lucky ones living their dream and helping to improve the health of Australia by becoming an elite sports coach!

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