What is a Personal Trainer salary in 2023

What is a good Personal Trainer Salary? The above sentence is one of the most frequent questions our Academy receives from people looking to join the Health and Fitness Industry. As a result, we compiled a guide to how much a Personal Trainer can make in 2021.
Personal Trainer salary

Personal Trainer Salary 

The reality is, it is up to you. With the power of social media and its broad reach, you are no longer confined to your local gym training clients. Therefore you have the potential to earn a six-figure salary.

If you are someone who already has full-time employment that you love doing, whether it is in the Fitness Industry or another industry completely unrelated, being a Personal Trainer gives you the ability to earn some extra cash in addition to your full-time wage!


What is the average hourly rate?

In Australia, the average hourly rate for a Personal Trainer is $65/hr. However, for Personal Trainers that live in the city or built-up areas, it is common for the hourly rate to increase and potentially double in price. For instance, we have had graduates who earn approximately $130 Per hour in crowded locations!


Let’s look at a few examples below of potential earnings as a Personal Trainer;


If your goal as a PT is to earn $650 per week, you will simply need to be taking around ten PT sessions per week ($65/hr). If you spread those hours over five days (if you work Mon-Fri), then this works out to be an average of only two hours per day.

*Ten sessions per week is an achievable goal to strive for even for Trainers who have just stepped out into the industry!


If your goal is to make Personal Training your full-time career and your aim is to earn $6,500 per month ($1625 per week), then this means you will need to be conducting 25 PT sessions per week (@ $65/hr PT session). If you spread those days across five days this works out to be an average of only five hours per day – which is still less than a typical 38-hour week working full-time in any other industry!


What about Online Coaching?

Social media can dramatically increase a Personal Trainer’s salary by expanding their clientele and the reach of their service. It is no wonder that working in the Fitness Industry has some amazing financial potential!

Adding online coaching into the equation is where you can increase your reach as it gives you the opportunity to have unlimited clients. On average, an online client will pay $50 per week for your services for programming and online support and this doesn’t include any upfront costs for programming.

For example, if you took just one face-to-face PT session per day, and then had three online clients per week, this gives you the potential to take home an extra $22K per year to your Personal Trainer salary. Or if you want to strive for a six-figure salary as a Personal Trainer you should aim to have a good mix of face-to-face and online clients! A full-time Personal Trainer who is running seven PT sessions per day (5 days a week) and another seven online clients per week, you have the possibility to be earning over 125k per year!


Ways to increase your salary as a Personal Trainer

If you’re a recent graduate of a Certificate IV in Fitness program, the Industry Ready Personal Trainer course is the perfect next step to help you launch your business as a personal trainer.

This comprehensive eight-unit course covers everything you need to know to confidently start your business, including business setup and development, marketing strategies, and pricing techniques. You’ll learn how to identify your ideal clients, build a strong brand identity, and develop a marketing plan that will help you reach your target audience and maximise your salary as a Personal Trainer.

With worksheets and hands-on exercises, this course offers a unique opportunity to put your learning into practice and get real-world experience with starting a personal training business. You’ll also learn how to network inside and outside of a gym environment, close sales, and overcome objections.

Don’t miss this opportunity to take your career to the next level. Enrol in the Industry Ready Personal Trainer course today and start building the business of your dreams!


PLEASE NOTE: The above numbers are a sample of potential earnings only. As a self-employed Personal Trainer, it is ultimately up to the individual when it comes to determining their potential salary. The above mention earnings are not anticipated to be taken on board as financial advice; you should instead seek professional assistance for any questions regarding finance as a Personal Trainer.

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