Health and Wellness Coach.

The 11046NAT – Certificate IV in Nutrition is the industry-standard minimum qualification to become a Health and Wellness Coach who can specialise in Nutrition.

Start your career as a Health and Wellness Coach.

Whether you are looking to create a part-time role, extend your current scope of practice, or start your own nutrition consulting business, this is the course for you.

The cutting-edge nutritionist course, with the Health & Wellness coaching specialisation, is crucial for a Health & Wellness coach as they provide the hands-on skills and in-depth knowledge to deliver personalised nutrition plans and advice to clients.

With this expertise and capabilities, you have the power to assist individuals in achieving their utmost wellbeing and unlocking their true potential.

Career Outcome

Nationally Recognised Nutritionist

Study Mode

Online and self paced
No work placement required

Study Duration

Up to 12 months from date of enrolment

What will you learn?

What does the course cover?

The 11046NAT – Certificate IV in Nutrition Health and Wellness Coach course will provide an in-depth nutrition education focusing on nutrition counselling techniques.

The course has been designed to cater to all existing levels of knowledge. Maybe you’ve never studied nutrition before, or perhaps you have existing qualifications. Either way, this course outlines everything you need to understand how food works within the body.

We do this by building on your knowledge through structured education.

First, you create your nutrition knowledge base through a set of nine core units. These core units set the foundation of the course by outlining all the factors that can contribute to overall health and wellness. Your study has you diving head-first into the human body’s inner workings by learning about biology, chemistry, anatomy, and physiology.

You will then learn the role, function, and chemical makeup of macronutrients and micronutrients in detail and how to establish positive digestive health with your clients. These learnings form critical knowledge as you complete a step-by-step process of developing tailored nutrition plans considering all aspects of an individual client’s needs.

Lastly, we round out the core education by teaching you how to analyse and compare various supplements and their ingredients. Understanding this product information will allow you to select the most suitable supplement for your clients to reach their goals.

Along with core units, the Health and Wellness Coach units are crucial for a Health and Wellness coach as they provide the hands-on skills and in-depth knowledge to deliver personalised nutrition plans and advice to clients. This will empower clients to achieve their health and wellness goals through the guidance of a knowledgeable and skilled coach. Effective communication skills are fundamental when working with clients to improve their health and wellness. For this reason, this elective stream teaches valuable communication skills to ensure you have the skills to build rapport with your clients successfully.

Additionally, we don’t just focus on the initial stages of the consultation. We dive straight into the heart of a consult, where you will learn the required skills to successfully sculpt your client’s goals into an achievable plan utilising their strengths. Understanding how to promote and navigate social, emotional, spiritual, physical, and cognitive wellbeing will shape you to become an effective and successful Health and Wellness Coach. With the combination of these units, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to help people achieve the best versions of themselves, and improve their overall health and wellness.

Get started as a Nutritionist.

Course Delivery.

Studying the Health and Wellness Coach qualification with Vast Fitness Academy is entirely self-paced and can be tailored to suit your lifestyle.

When you join Vast, you will be assigned a dedicated Personal Assessor for the 11046NAT – Certificate IV in Nutrition course. Your Personal Assessor will be a highly qualified, university-trained Nutritionist or Dietitian with extensive industry experience, ready to provide you with support and guidance throughout your study.

Alongside email support and direct messaging, we also offer Live Virtual Support, allowing you to connect with one of our Assessors via Zoom and get immediate answers to any questions, helping you stay on track and make progress quickly.

The course is delivered through a combination of theoretical and practical elements.

Theoretical Element.

Our state-of-the-art online learning portal delivers the theoretical element of the course. The course is interactive and engaging, featuring a variety of assessments, including true-false, fill-in-the-blank, multiple-choice, and short-answer responses.

Case studies and short scenarios are used to enhance your understanding of the subject before moving on to the practical requirements.

Your ‘Student Resource Guides’ are located within your online student portal and provide the necessary skills and knowledge required to successfully complete your ‘online theory tasks’ and ‘practical tasks’. VFA will also provide you with any other additional resources to assist your learning. These can all be located within your portal under the specific unit of competency.

Once you thoroughly understand your available resources, you are ready to complete all online theory tasks within your online portal.

For the 11046NAT - Certificate IV in Nutrition, ‘online theory tasks’ comprise a variety of different assessment methods, examples include:

  • Multiple choices questions
  • True or false questions
  • Fill-in-the-blank questions
  • Mix and match questions
  • Short answer questions
  • Label image questions.

Case study assessments generally require you to take part in scenario-based activities that mimic a real-life situation in order for students to meet the performance requirements of a unit of competency.


Case study assessments can comprise the following types of assessment methods and differ from unit to unit:

  • Written documents (including planning documents and nutrition plans) that outline the practical component
  • The completion of templates which include referral forms, medical clearance requests and screening tools.

Practical tasks are required for each individual unit and are outlined in more detail once you begin your studies.


Practical tasks generally require you to partake in face-to-face ‘practical’ components of the units within the course. This is done with simulated activities where clients can roleplay a scenario for a specific task. Some (but not all) practical requirements will need to be completed in a simulated working environment and face-to-face with clients; you may use the comfort of your own home to complete these tasks, so long as they mimic a real consultation and the environment is in a professional setting.


Practical tasks can comprise the following types of assessment methods and differ from unit to unit. Examples include:

  • Report style assessments that are the foundation of the practical component
  • Written documents (including planning documents, programs, and templates) that outline the practical component
  • Video submission evidence
  • Self-evaluation checklists.

Practical Element.

Experience hands-on, practical learning from the comfort of your home with our online Health and Wellness Coach course. All practical elements of the course are completed online, meaning you won’t have to undertake any in-person work placement.

Throughout the course, you will engage in various case study-based practical tasks, allowing you to practice consultations with mock clients, including friends and family. This will give you a practical and realistic understanding of how to work with clients and cater to their unique goals. By conducting effective consultations, you’ll develop strong communication skills and an understanding of the many variables in clients’ routines and training schedules.

Health & Wellness Coach units.

When aiming to further your career as a Health and Wellness Coach with a specialisation in nutrition, choosing a Nationally Accredited nutrition course that provides you with the knowledge and expertise to excel is vital.

The Health and Wellness Coach course presents an unparalleled opportunity to become a Nationally Recognised Nutritionist without attending university. The program includes 6 out of 11 units specifically crafted to address topics that were once only accessible through university education. These distinctive units are not found in any other course throughout Australia, making this program truly exceptional.

Through the study of foundational anatomy and physiology principles, our program equips students with the knowledge of how the human body functions and processes food. This enables students to recognise their clients' health status by understanding the structure and function of each human body system. By having a comprehensive understanding of how the body works, students can provide personalised nutrition advice and guidance to their clients.

At our program, we utilise foundational anatomy and physiology principles. This helps you understand how the body functions and how food works within it. By learning the structure and function of each human body system, you can recognise your clients' health status. With this knowledge, you gain a comprehensive understanding of how the body works. Therefore, you can provide personalised nutrition advice and guidance to your clients.

At the outset of this unit, we explore the fundamentals of nutrients. We introduce the six essential nutrients, discussing what they are, how they can be classified into macro and micronutrients, where they are found, how they are processed and utilised within the body, and the recommended quantities for each. With this understanding, students will be able to identify various nutrient deficiencies, recognise their signs and symptoms, and provide appropriate assistance to clients within their scope of practice.

In this unit, students have the opportunity to apply foundational nutrition principles to develop customised meal plans for five (5) case study clients with different needs and goals. The unit provides a step-by-step process for developing meal plans, including analysing the client's current nutritional intake, calculating their recommended nutritional requirements, and identifying areas that require change. Students will also learn how to make flexible nutritional recommendations if a client is unwilling to follow a structured meal plan.

In this unit, we emphasise the importance of having a thorough understanding of digestive health for both successful practice and client success. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the physiology of the digestive system, the organs involved in digestion, and the significance of fibre and having a healthy gut microbiome. Additionally, you will learn about bowel transit time and pH levels, which are important factors in maintaining optimal digestive health.


Furthermore, you will be able to identify factors that negatively impact the digestive system and recognise when it is not functioning as it should. This knowledge will enable you to provide effective dietary advice and guidance to your clients to help improve their digestive health and overall wellbeing.

In this unit, we cover basic psychological and behaviour management principles to equip you with the skills to foster positive change in the lives of your clients. You will gain an understanding of the many facets of behavioural change and what is needed to achieve it successfully.


Moreover, this unit delves into the science of how food and nutrients impact behaviour and emotions. You will learn how specific nutrients can improve or worsen a client's mental health. This knowledge will enable you to provide effective dietary advice and guidance to improve your clients' mental and emotional wellbeing. By understanding the connection between food and mental health, you will be equipped to help your clients achieve their health and wellness goals.

Throughout the Certificate IV in Nutrition, and specifically in this unit, you will learn the 'food first' approach. This approach encourages you to always assess your client's diet first and incorporate more whole foods before considering supplements. However, there will be instances where clients require supplementation despite a food-first approach.


Therefore, in this unit, you will learn how to navigate the supplement market and make safe and suitable recommendations to your clients. This knowledge will enable you to provide effective and tailored nutritional advice to your clients, promoting their health and wellness through both dietary sources and supplementation where necessary.

This unit has its foundations set in counselling strategies and principles, and it focuses on the initial stages of conducting a consultation. You will learn how to gather sufficient client information and implement various counselling techniques to foster healthy relationships with your clients.


By the end of this unit, you will have the knowledge and skills to take a structured approach to consultations and implement effective communication techniques. Additionally, you will gain an understanding of the exact parameters within which you can assist a client within a counselling context.


This unit equips you with the tools and techniques necessary to conduct successful consultations, ensuring that you can communicate effectively with your clients and provide them with the support they need to achieve their health and wellness goals.

Building on the previous unit, which focused on the initial stages of consultation, this unit takes you straight into the heart of the consultation process. Here, you will learn the essential skills required to shape your client's goals into realistic, achievable objectives based on their strengths.


In addition, you will learn several decision-making models that you can use with your clients to determine the best course of action. This knowledge will enable you to provide effective and tailored nutritional advice to your clients, ensuring that their goals are achievable and in line with their individual abilities and strengths.


By the end of this unit, you will have the knowledge and skills to conduct successful consultations, providing effective and tailored nutrition advice to help your clients achieve their health and wellness goals.

In this unit, you will learn how to take a holistic approach to address your client's nutritional concerns. We will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of each wellbeing domain, including physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and cognitive.


By studying these domains, you will gain an understanding of the interconnectivity of each aspect of your client's wellbeing and how each domain can impact their nutritional habits and behaviours. This knowledge will enable you to provide effective and tailored nutritional advice to your clients, ensuring that their dietary recommendations meet their unique needs and goals.


By the end of this unit, you will have the knowledge and skills to provide holistic nutrition advice, considering all aspects of your client's wellbeing, to help them achieve optimal health and wellness.

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Nutrition Council Australia.

Nutrition Council Australia (NCA) is a collaborative industry association that promotes positive nutritional information and healthy lifestyle practices within Australia.

NCA has developed the Nationally Recognised and accredited  11046NAT – Certificate IV in Nutrition qualification and the associated Scope of Practice and Risk Stratification Screening Tool.

Vast Fitness Academy is the current authorised Registered Training Organisation responsible for delivering this qualification.

Nationally Recognised Nutritionist.

A Nationally Recognised Nutritionist (NRN) is qualified to provide detailed nutritional advice and meal planning assistance to clients in support of their unique needs and goals.


Nationally Recognised Nutritionists are frontline advisory staff who work with clients that are otherwise 'healthy' yet are looking to improve their health and wellbeing through a positive approach to nutrition. Nationally Recognised Nutritionists work in gyms, sporting clubs, supplement stores, and as independent health and wellness coaches across Australia, to make evidence-based nutritional advice readily accessible for the community.

In order to become a Nationally Recognised Nutritionist, students must complete the 11146NAT - Certificate IV in Nutrition qualification.


This qualification provides detailed knowledge for a thorough understanding of nutritional theory and comprehensive training on the analysis of client needs for the provision of accurate nutrition advice.

A Nationally Recognised Nutritionist can work with clients to identify their specific needs and goals and provide them with detailed nutritional advice, and tailored meal plans to assist the client in achieving those needs and goals.


Whether a client aims to lose weight, improve their general health, enhance immunity, reduce stress, or improve their physical performance, a Nationally Recognised Nutritionist has the skills and knowledge to help a client achieve their goals.

Those who wish to register with Nutrition Council Australia and operate as a Nationally Recognised Nutritionist (NRN) and work directly with clients within the limitations of the NCA-endorsed Scope of Practice, are required to have Professional Indemnity and Public Liability and Products insurance.


A Nutritionist provides advice and counselling in relation to diet, food, and nutrition. Most clients will take on this advice and achieve great results. However, there is always a chance that a client may experience an unforeseen reaction to the advice or misinterpret part of the plan, which could lead to them holding the Nutritionist legally liable and ask for payment for damages.  For example, the Nutritionist may have meticulously researched an eating plan for a client but a previously undiagnosed allergy to a food type activates an allergic reaction.


Professional Indemnity insurance is intended to help protect the Nutritionist if something goes wrong whilst providing professional services to the client. For example, a third party alleging that the Nutritionist has been negligent in performing services or giving advice, and as a result, they have suffered injury or financial loss.

Aon is the approved insurance broker for Nutrition Council Australia, and can provide graduates with insurance cover, risk advice and claims support.


The Aon Health Combined Professional Indemnity and Public and Products Liability insurance for Nutritionists includes:

– Flexible Professional Indemnity cover limits
– Unlimited retroactive date
– Run off cover
– 2 hours complimentary legal advice per policy, annually.


Learn more about the AON insurance policy and cover here

Course FAQs.

We don’t like to provide students a set number of hours they should allocate each week to their study to see their course completed, as it does differ greatly from student to student depending on their experience and academic ability. Instead, we’ve developed study guides that students can follow to keep them on track to complete the course within 6 or 12-month timeframes. These have been developed by using a guideline of completing 1-2 units per month.


- With one elective stream, there are 11 units in total

- With two elective streams, there are 14 units in total.


So, 1-2 units per month keep the student on track to complete the course within the 12-month timeframe. The amount of hours required by the student to complete the 1-2 units per month is essentially dependent on the individual. 


We are here to support students with fast assessment marking and Live Virtual Support.

Yes, the 11046NAT - Certificate IV in Nutrition course is suitable for individuals who haven't studied since high school. No prior learning or experience is required to enrol in this online nutrition course. With the support of our in-house assessors and state-of-the-art online learning portal, all students have the resources they need to be successful, regardless of their education or experience level.

Frequently asked by students, the distinction between 11046NAT - Certificate IV in Nutrition and other courses on the market is significant, as it offers superior educational value and career outcomes. When comparing the units of competency within the courses and ANZSCO Identifier (a code classifying occupations for which a student would qualify upon completing a training contract), the advantages become clear.


Upon graduating from 11046NAT - Certificate IV in Nutrition, students receive the ANZSCO Code 251112 | Classification Value Nutritionist. Other Nationally Accredited Training providers offer courses with career outcomes such as Health Promotion Officer or Weight Loss Consultant, and in some cases, the courses may be non-accredited. Choosing a non-accredited course could adversely impact students' career goals and leave them without the necessary education and insurance.


Designed by the Nutrition Council Australia, the 11046NAT - Certificate IV in Nutrition aims to bridge the training gap in the Australian nutrition landscape below university level. Nine of the fourteen units within this course focus on areas previously unavailable to students without attending university. These exclusive units are not found in any other course in Australia.

By concentrating solely on nutrition knowledge and skills, unrelated units that do not pertain to nutrition or client interactions have been eliminated. This focused approach ensures a comprehensive nutrition education, enabling students to work with diverse clients with varying goals, such as promoting healthier food relationships, achieving body composition targets, or improving athletic performance.


Students should carefully examine the course units breakdown to gain a clear understanding of the well-rounded nutrition education offered by VFA.


It is crucial to remember that the knowledge acquired is far more valuable than any title earned upon completion. When evaluating any course, prioritize understanding the units contained. The 11046NAT - Certificate IV in Nutrition is Australia's only nationally accredited and recognised Certificate IV, qualifying graduates as Nationally Recognised Nutritionists with the Nutrition Council Australia.


For those not seeking to use the nutrition course for their career, non-accredited options on the short courses page offer more affordable personal development opportunities.

Students who wish to work with patients who may be pregnant, have food intolerances, have chronic diseases, or are diagnosed with an illness should stop looking at all nutrition courses online and contact their local university about researching their pathway to becoming a dietitian. To be qualified to treat pregnant patients or those with intolerances, chronic illness, or disease undertaking 4 - 5 years of study to become a Dietitan is what is required.


However, Certificate IV in Nutrition is designed to allow graduates to support the general population to support their health and nutrition-related goals.  This course would be perfect for those looking to improve results for their Health and Wellness Coaching or Personal Training clients or work with the generally otherwise healthy population.


Graduates of this advanced nutritionist course will possess the hands-on skills and in-depth knowledge required to provide customised nutrition plans and personalised advice to help clients achieve their health and wellness goals.


Gone are the days of generic plans that don't work. Graduates will be equipped with the necessary tools to develop tailored solutions that yield client results.

Work placement is not required when completing Certificate IV in Nutrition. The course contains theory and practical tasks that can be completed at home.

Not at all. The Complete Nutritionist course is an entry-level course and a stand-alone qualification. Whether a student is adding to an existing skill set or starting a new one, we have no expectation of prior learning in the area.


Graduates will stand out from their colleagues after learning cutting-edge lifestyle, nutrition, training, and business techniques. By properly assessing the clients, graduates will prescribe evidence-based, results-inducing programs for fat loss, hypertrophy, strength, and performance for clients of all ages, goals, and training experiences.


Lastly, graduates will learn how to effectively set up their nutritionist business with systems and methods in marketing, sales, and retention designed to help turn their passion into a profitable career.

No, enrolling in the 11046NAT - Certificate IV in Nutrition is not limited to students seeking employment. Our online nutrition course is designed for individuals with a wide range of goals and motivations. Whether a student is looking to take their own nutrition to the next level or help their family improve their health, our course will help achieve that goal.


However, it's worth noting that many students who initially enrol for personal development fall in love with the subject and pursue a career in the nutrition industry.

Absolutely! Our program welcomes students as young as 17, and there is no upper age limit. In fact, our students are made up of a diverse group of individuals ranging from young adults to adults in their 60's. This variety in age is beneficial as it allows students to gain experience working with clients of different ages, backgrounds, abilities, and preferences.


It's worth mentioning that many gyms and personal training studios actively seek experienced nutrition professionals in the older age bracket, as the over-60 population is the fastest-growing segment in the fitness market and may feel more comfortable with coaches who have a wealth of life experience.


We find most students choose to start up their own consultation business within this field, so they aren’t restricted in who they consult. Many graduates will also work from local allied health facilities, gyms and even beauty salons. Most businesses like this have rooms available to rent to serve a mutual benefit to both parties.


Ensuring graduates have the correct insurance policy cover is critical in business. Nutrition Council Australia has created an Allied Health Professional Indemnity / Public Liability insurance policy with AON Insurance. This insurance allows graduates to legally practise as Nutritionists under the Nutrition Council Australia Scope of Practice in their Nutritionist business.


For further information regarding this policy, follow the below link.


Upon completion, graduates will be qualified Nutritionists which can open up potential career opportunities as:

  • Health and Wellness Coach
  • Functional Nutrition Consultant
  • Recipe Developer
  • Food Blogger or Content Creator
  • Corporate Wellness Coach
  • Hospitality Consultant
  • Online Store Owner
  • Market Stall Holder
  • Health food store or supplement store retailer


Welcome to the Nutritionist Playbook. This comprehensive program will guide you through the steps required to start and grow your nutrition business.

We will cover essential topics, provide practical advice, and offer resources to ensure you have a strong foundation for your new venture.

Nutritionist Playbook benefits.

Course Fees & Payment Plan Options.

Please use the toggle to switch between the Paid In Full and Direct Debit Instalment Plan payment options for the Health & Wellness Coach OR Complete Nutritionist courses.

[use code BFNUT to secure offer]

Health & Wellness Coach
Complete Nutritionist

Complete Nutritionist

$ 7999 Paid in full payment
  • No set classroom intakes
  • Up to 12 months study duration
  • Personal Assessor
  • Instant message and email support
  • Live virtual support sessions
  • 24/7 access to learning resources
  • Masterclass webinars

Complete Nutritionist

$ 8999 $499 deposit | 52 weekly payments
  • No set classroom intakes
  • Up to 12 months study duration
  • Personal Assessor
  • Instant message and email support
  • Live virtual support sessions
  • 24/7 access to learning resources
  • Masterclass webinars

Pricing FAQs.

Yes, a student can add additional payments or pay off their payment plan at any time during their study period.

No, the student must pay the balance of their tuition fees before receiving their Statement of Attainment and Certificate.

The 11046NAT - Certificate IV in Nutrition course offered through Vast Fitness Academy is not eligible for government subsidies.


The 11046NAT - Certificate IV in Nutrition is classified as full-time study with Austudy.  If a student believes they are eligible for this through Centrelink, it is recommended that the student directly speaks with Centrelink regarding their potential payments whilst completing study. 

Yes, Vast Fitness Academy offers a 5-day cooling-off period from the day of enrolment. The details of this policy can be found in the Student Handbook.

If a student has previously completed online nutrition courses or nutrition qualifications that they believe could be credited towards their online nutrition course, they can apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). For more information, it is recommended that the student speak with one of the Careers Advisors.

The minimum age requirement to enrol in the 11046NAT - Certificate IV in Nutrition is 17. For students under 18, Vast Fitness Academy has a process where the Academic Manager will speak with the student's parent or guardian. During this call, the Academic Manager will discuss the student's enrolment and study requirements to ensure the additional study load does not interfere with regular schoolwork and hobbies.

No, Vast Fitness Academy is not a CRICOS Registered Training Organisation and cannot enrol international students on a student visa.


However, they may be able to enrol on an alternate visa. For more information, it is recommended that the student speak with one of the Careers Advisors.

We're so confident that you'll love your experience with us that we offer a 12-Week Student Satisfaction Guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied, you can withdraw and receive a 100% refund of all course fees. View the full Terms and Conditions here.

Student Testimonials.

The student experience drives every decision we make at Vast Fitness Academy.  With hundreds of 5-star reviews from past and present students, we know we are on track.

“I chose to study nutrition as I identified there was a gap in my town for nutrition. Everyone was into their training, but few understood how to incorporate nutrition to achieve their goals”.
“I was impressed with the course content, the online portal and was blown away by the level of support I received from my assessors through my studies.”
"The help was amazing and quick , the course was interesting and had all the right content to set me up for a successful career as a Nutritionist."

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