Industry Ready Nutritionist

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Course Duration*:
Students have 12 months of online access to complete the course (self-paced)

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Industry Ready Nutritionist

About the course.

Turn your nutrition and helping others into a profitable business.

This comprehensive program will guide you through the steps required to start and grow your nutrition business. We will cover essential topics, provide practical advice, and offer resources to ensure you have a strong foundation for your new venture.

What you will learn.
  • Business planning and set up – developing a business plan, conducting market research, identifying your niche & target audience & creating a business structure.
  • Services and client management –defining your services & pricing, creating client intake forms, setting up client record management & client retention & referral programs. 
  • Sales and marketing – unique selling proposition, creating a marketing plan, building a professional website, social media & content marketing, email marketing & lead generation strategies.
  • Legal requirements – obtaining necessary licenses & permits, managing taxes & financial records, drafting contracts & liability waivers, protecting your intellectual property.
  • Networking and professional development – professional associations, connecting with local businesses & potential partners.
  • Ready to launch checklist – reviewing & finalising your business plan, securing necessary funding or loans, creating promotional materials, launching your website & marketing campaigns.
Course duration*.

Students have 12 months of online access to complete the course (self-paced).

Study mode.


Assessment method.

A combination of online multiple-choice and true/false questions.


There are no pre-requisites for this course.

Upon completion.

Students will receive a Certificate of Completion.

PLEASE NOTE: This short e-course will be delivered through our online learning management system. Upon purchase you will receive an email confirmation with all instructions to enrol and begin your study.

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Industry Ready Nutritionist short courseIndustry Ready Nutritionist
AUD $2,000.00
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